Diffrient Smart chair

Diffrient Smart chair is a minimal mesh task chair that encompasses linear, geometric design and integrates easily into any environment. Whilst maintaining the ergonomic qualities of all of the Humanscale task chairs – the Smart chair includes straight lines in its backrest ensuring a minimal design feel. Its brushed aluminum finish ensures Smart’s longevity, while its automatic recline support every individual that sits in it. The Smart chair features revolutionary tri-panel mesh backrest offers instant support and allows the user to engage in healthy, ergonomic postures.

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Diffrient Smart chair

Ease of use

Humanscale has become synonymous with weight-sensitive, mechanism-free recline, which results in the Smart chair automatically adjusting to the body weight of each individual user. All the user has to do is sit down on the chair and enjoy the correct amount of tension for their shape - automatically.

Linear Visual Design

Due to the liner lines and striking, sleek aesthetic, as well as its U-shaped back – the Smart chair is a perfect fit for any high-design environment. With strong mesh for maximum support, it’s the ideal task chair for the modern, active workspace.

Tailored Backrest

The tri-panel mesh backrest ensures every person who sits in the Smart chair will enjoy perfect lumbar support that automatically adapt to the user’s needs. The need for complicated adjustments has been eliminated due to the form sensing mesh and automatic adjustments.

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