Quickstand Lite

QuickStand Lite transforms a standard desk into a sit/stand workstation and thus encourages movement. True minimalist design ensures that it will fit into any office design and support a full range of hardware components. True user customisation is gained through an adjustable keyboard and monitor arm platform. QuickStand Lite is perfect for collaborative and hot-desking environments, as well as home offices and encourages users to build more movement into their daily routine for long-term health.

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Single or Double

The Quickstand Lite is available in single and double monitor variations.

Ease of Movement

An innovative counterbalance mechanism that enables users of varying heights to transition from sitting to standing positions with ease.


The main assembly holds single or dual monitors up to 11.3kg


QuickStand Lite can be attached to any existing, fixed-height desk.


Available in white with grey trim and black.