Humanscale introduces the worlds first fully scalable monitor arm support system that is designed to adapt with the ever increasing changes in technology across the modern office.

The M/Flex monitor system enables swift and simple reconfigurations without disrupting existing equipment or adding new components. Providing unprecedented flexibility, M/Flex supports up to six monitors from a single post, in any configuration, or up to twelve monitors from two posts connected via crossbars.



The Current Problem of Adding Monitors to Existing Configurations

New technology is resulting in more monitors, larger monitors, touchscreen and notebooks added to existing stations. Today's monitor arms come as independent single arms, dual arms or multiple monitor supports and do not accommodate change. Thus, adding a second monitor requires the removal and de-cabling of the existing single arm and the installation of a new double arm, including the original monitor. The original single arm is left over as a wasted component. An upgraded double arm likely won't accommodate future technology changes.

Scalability and Ease in Adding Monitors

M/Flex allows monitors to be added WITHOUT disrupting the existing configuration, using an Innovative Integrated bracket design in which added brackets nest adjacent to the existing brackets. This saves significant installation time and money, and there are no wasted parts left over in the simple process.

Supports any future technology requirements

The heart of the M/Flex system is the wide variety of arm style options that can be mixed and matched to support any and every unique application.

With its vast array of vertical and horizontal mounts, M/Flex will accommodate any future technology requirements regardless of the specific hardware, desk configuration or multiple monitor requirements, including monitors weighing up to 27.2 kg's each, notebooks and touchscreens. M/Flex uses M2 and M8 arms, the world's best-selling monitor arms, which feature slim, eco- conscious designs, effortless operation and industry leading quality and durability.

The M/Flex system consists of 5 different post heights, brackets for up to 3 monitors per row, 1 or 2 rows, standard or heavy-duty arms, 8 arm styles, 9 mounts and 3 colors to provide thousands of individual options to meet your exact requirements now and any time in the future.

Introduce Para/Flex

By adding a second post and Crossbars, the M/Flex system is able to support up to 12 monitors; all starting from the same scalable platform, the single common post. When 2 posts are used, it is called Para/Flex 2, and it can support up to 2 Crossbars that support up to 4 monitors each, and M/Flex components for up to 4 more monitors to support a total of 12 monitors.

Consistent Monitor Treatment

Regardless of the number or size of your monitors or even the application, The M/Flex system provides a consistent look and feel to your monitor support throughout your organization.


M/Flex is lighter and smaller, which means that less material and energy are used in the manufacturing and shipping of the product.


The MFlex's Specifications.

  • Supports up to six monitors from a single post
  • Supports up to twelve monitors from two posts connected via crossbars
  • Utilizes Humanscale's award-winning M2 and M8 Monitor Arms
  • In-field reconfigurations achieved without disruption to existing equipment
  • Unmatched configuration options
  • 15-year warranty