The use of laptops, hot desking and bring-your-own-device is increasing and the need for organisations to adapt their IT policies is evident. Humanscale have created a range of technology-integrated products to enhance and support these changes. M/Connect is a USB 3.0, dual video docking station that provides easy access to a variety of ports and eliminates cable clutter. Available with Humanscale’s M2, M8, and M/Flex monitor arms. Available in polished aluminium with white trim and cables, silver with grey trim and cables as well as black with black trim and cables.

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Space saving

USB hub is on the desktop while the dock sits below the work surface and the majority of cables connected below the desk.

3 Displays

M/Connect’s aluminium and steel construction can support up to 18kg’s of screens/monitors. This could equate to 2 extra displays and one laptop. Supports a variety of display adaptors.

One Simple Connection

One cable connection to the laptop to drive all monitor displays with a variety of adaptors available separately.

Prevents Dock "Walk Away"

M/Connect facilitates one-handed port access which means the dock wont slide on the desktop and fall off.