Featuring incredible weight capacity in a sleek, slim profile, the M8 Monitor Arm is the perfect fusion of style and strength.

Through its unique construction, the M8 accommodates the widest range of monitors available today—virtually any single- or dual-monitor configuration up to 18 kg’s. And unlike other high-capacity monitor arms, whose bulky designs restrict their performance, the M8 offers effortless adjustment and flawless ergonomic function.

The M8 is the ultimate in monitor desk mounts/stands/arms with the ability to hold dual monitors or large screens. It is height adjustable and can be mounted in various manners to the desk.



For Single Monitors

The M8's high-performance design easily accommodates heavy monitors, but also provides the flexibility to support monitors weighing as little as eight pounds. Precision engineering makes it all possible, as the M8 features an internal counterbalance that easily adjusts to provide the right amount of support.

As a result, the M8 not only accommodates virtually any monitor available today, it is versatile enough to meet the ever-changing demands of tomorrow's workplace.

For Dual Monitors

The M8's extreme weight capacity makes it ideal for supporting dual-monitor applications. Using an optional crossbar support, the M8 accommodates two monitors—each weighing up to 9 kg's—arranged side-by-side. Monitors mounted to the crossbar adjust simultaneously for easy repositioning and excellent ergonomics. Plus, each monitor can be adjusted independently via a Fine-Tune Adjustor for perfect alignment and a smooth aesthetic.


Modular design features interchangeable links to accommodate any application. Humanscale's Quick Release ball joint facilitates fast and easy monitor installation and removal. Built-in fine-tune adjustment ensures dual monitors line up perfectly. Integrated cable management system hides cable clutter for improved organization and aesthetics.


180 Degree stop mechanism prevents wall damage from over-rotation. Built-in security system provides effective theft-deterrent for public areas.


The M8's Specifications.

  • Accommodates virtually any single monitor from 3 – 18 kg's or dual monitors up to 9 kg's each
  • Arm reach: 56cm
  • Height adjustment range: 29cm
  • Mount options: Clamp Mount, Bolt-Through Mount, Universal Slatwall Mount, Wall Stud Mount
  • Finish options: Polished Aluminum with White accents, Silver with Gray accents
  • 62% recycled and 99% recyclable content
  • May contribute to a number of valuable LEED-CI, -NC and -EB credits
  • 10-year, 24/7 warranty