The Liberty Task chair is an intelligent mesh task chair engineered to provide automatic lumbar support for every user, as well offering simplicity and complete ease of use. Liberty was designed to offer a unique, minimal aesthetic and to provide custom comfort for every person who sits in it. Like Humanscale’s Diffrient Smart and Diffrient World chairs, Liberty uses Humanscale’s revolutionary Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and mechanism-free recline for perfect support and unprecedented comfort.

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Self-adjusting recline

Liberty automatically adjusts to the body weight of each sitter providing perfect recline support every time someone sits in it without the need for training, instructions, or even manual adjustments.

Pivoting Backrest

Extra motion of the backrest during recline automatically adjusts to the changing needs of the spine. Provides additional lumbar support as needed.

Form-Sensing Mesh

Liberty's revolutionary Tri-Panel mesh backrest conforms to the user like a custom- tailored piece of clothing. By adapting to each sitter's unique shape, it provides perfect lumbar support for everyone automatically.

Contoured Seat Cushion

Carefully sculpted to match body contours.Increased contact area reduces pressure points. Modular for easy replacement.

Armrests that move with you

Unlike most chairs, Liberty's arm supports are connected to the backrest instead of the seat, so they travel with your upper body as you recline. After all, your arms move with you when you recline, so your armrests should too.

Intelligent Mechanism

With Freedom's revolutionary counter-balance mechanism, your weight automatically balances the force required to recline the chair. So whether you're big or small, short or tall, the recline tension is always perfectly adjusted to let you move while keeping you fully supported in all positions.

Body Fit

Size-adjustable to fit more than 95% of the population. Automatic adjustments. Weight-sensitive recline. Form-sensing lumbar support. Manual adjustments. Optional height-adjustable armrests. Seat height. Seat depth.


76mm dual-surface casters roll easily on carpeted floors and quietly on hard floors.

Simpler is better

By replacing the typical tension recline mechanism with a system that leverages the sitter's body weight, Liberty uses 40% fewer parts and 40% less material than the average task chair. Fewer parts mean a more reliable chair with less environmental impact. And where the environment is concerned, less is so much more.

Neels Joubert


I am a complete ergonomic addict. I like physical, cognitive, organisational and behavioural ergonomics. I like all things relating to ergonomics. Ergonomics make our world a better place. Ergonomics talk to human existence and the relational dynamics between humans, objects and systems at a progressive, evolved and advanced level. So, in addition to my Addidas, my Volvo, my Suunto and my Sony my Freedom chair reacts seemlessly to the strict requirements I place on the products with which I surround myself with ease, comfort and complete intuition Ergonomics, sitting comfort and designing a product with a lifetime guarantee is not in the DNA of just any company. Humanscale won me over on day 1 and have not disappointed since.

Jerome Starkey

Starkey Olivier Architects

Humanscale has changed the way think about the workplace. More comfort and better productivity. The task chairs and monitor arms are robust, light and extremely good looking.

Paul Munnik

Philip Morris International

All in our office are very appreciative of the extraordinary design of the Liberty chair. Personally the body fatigue and stiff muscles I suffered after many hours in front of a monitor has ceased. The chair works equally well for the many shapes and sizes we have in our office and the secret to this is it's simplicity and ease of use. Following meetings, visitors to our practice who are unfamiliar with the use of the chair have often commented on how comfortable it is. The ease of mobility is particularly useful in our meeting room application.

Adam Celine


The Liberty chair has proved extremely comfortable (requiring minimal manual adjustment to achieve this), they are robust & hardwearing, we have no fear that they will continue to serve for many years to come.

Olu Diya

iT iS

It's amazing how one takes for granted how uncomfortable they are sitting until they try the Liberty chair. The back support is amazing, and you just cannot sit in another office chair afterward such an experience.

Michelle Harmse


The liberty chair is extremely comfortable and versatile for a variety of users. The self-adjustable backrest provides proper lumbar support without the hassle of manual adjustments. Chair adjustments are easily done in a seated position with levers well in reach. Sitting in the liberty chair ensures an optimal, comfortable working posture which has a positive impact on general productivity and wellbeing.

Szymon Balasz

Aurecon Group

The Humanscale Liberty Chair is great for both home and office use. The chair offers excellent lumbar support and requires little to no adjustment due to its weight based resistance mechanism. Extended sessions of prolonged sitting are comfortable and result in absolutely no back pain. Regardless of whether you are a gamer, student or desk-bound employee, your back will appreciate the investment in this ergonomic chair.

Alan Borain

Lysithea Trading

I suffer from a pinched nerve in my neck. The condition was getting progressively worse (surgery was recommended) until I was referred to Humanscale. I change in office chair and monitor arm has thankfully reversed the condition to the point where I am almost symptom free.


The Liberty chair is a great example of
Humanscale's environmental mission.

  • Made predominantly of aluminum, followed by steel and plastic
  • Contains 58% to 85% recycled content
  • 93% to 98% recyclable
  • Lightest in class
  • Designed for easy disassembly
  • Modular cushions for easy replacement
  • Ships in 40% recycled packaging, or blanket-wrapped when feasible
  • Greenguard Certified
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