Ergonomic Hero

Creating a more comfortable place to work.

It is important to understand that an effective ergonomic workstation is not complete by the mere presence of a quality task chair. Ergonomic office chairs are simply a mechanism designed to maintain support during postural changes required through out the working day.

A holistic view that covers all the essential components of an ergonomic workstation, namely: support, vision, reach and breathing needs to be considered. To this end, Humanscale have developed a series of ergonomic tools that compliment their office chair range. A selection of monitor arms (monitor stands), laptop stands, keyboard supports, footstools and air purifiers complete the modern workstation.

In part, or as a collective, these award winning tools facilitate the basic principle of an ergonomic workstation - which aims to fit the task to user and keeping the user supported and mobile throughout the day. Mobility, increases circulation which in turn reduces the risk of repetitive strain (fatigue) and ultimately improves the health, well-being and productivity of the user at their workstation.

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