Cinto achieves the impossible... a stacking chair that's completely comfortable.

Designed to move with the body and minimize pressure points, Cinto features an innovative backrest that provides recline and automatically adjusting lumbar support, plus a seat pan design that uniquely distributes the sitter's weight and reduces pressure points. Designed for commercial and residential use, Cinto stacking chairs look good and feel even better.

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Floating Backrest Technology

Spanish for 'belt', Cinto's unique floating backrest, attached to the chair's frame via a flexible belt, moves and adjusts to the body for perfect support.

Stress-Relief Cross-Slits

Cinto's innovative stress-relief cross-slits on the seat pan flex independently under the sitting bones to reduce pressure points and evenly distribute body weight for long-term sitting comfort. Vents in the seat pan and backrest promote air circulation.

Stacking Convenience

The only stackable seating solution to offer automatically adjusting lumbar support, Cinto delivers unsurpassed ergonomic comfort.


The Cinto chair is a great example of
Humanscale's environmental purpose.

  • Made of steel and polypropylene with an elastomer belt
  • 100% recyclable
  • Weighs just 5.9kgs with fixed arms; 5.5kg when armless
  • Quick and easy to disassemble
  • Easily replaceable components
  • Humanscale will assist the owner to ensure Cinto is recycled properly
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