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Humanscale leap years ahead in LED Task Lighting

Modern task lights have evolved in line with changes in light source technology, in the process, incandescent light sources have become completely redundant. Halogen and compact fluorescents were better options for a while, however, the design community and consumers now know that LED’s represent the best solution in terms the global concern around energy consumption and climate change.

The challenges LED task lights face today have been those of cost (economics) and quality of light (ergonomics). The LED based task lights that have entered in the market in recent years have yet to solve these challenges and remain pretenders until these issues are solved. Through its constant innovation in the field, Humanscale has emerged as the ONLY manufacturer that is pioneering viable LED task light solutions. They have solved the challenges with aplomb and created timeless simple designs – ‘Collecting multiple international design awards along the way.’

Humanscale’s Element Series represents groundbreaking advancements in LED technology and is the first of its kind to meet all of the US Department of Energy’s criteria for a LED task light. It sports the most energy efficient task lights in the world and overcomes the shortcomings of current-generation LED task lights for performance that has yet to be matched by it’s competitors.

Element Task Lights by Humanscale

To illustrate how Humanscale’s innovation is influencing the task lighting market one only needs make reference to Artemides recent collaboration with Humanscale in the US. The iconic Tolomeo task light has undoubtedly taken it’s place as one of the most recognizable products in modern design history, however, as technology evolved it’s incandescent light source fell sharply behind on the EEE issues. It’s pertinent to note that Tolomeo now comes optional with Humanscale LED technology…..breathing life into a modern design classic.

If a globally recognised leader in high-end lighting design like Artemide sits up and notices – it surely means that Humanscale are onto something?


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