Dual Screens=Increased Productivity


8:00am, Monday, two black coffees in the bag and that “go large Saturday night” is a distant memory, (your pounding head would say otherwise). You make it to your desk only to find a heap of paperwork has beaten you to it – a 10:00am Power Point presentation deadline, the cherry on top – Oh how you wish it were Saturday night!
Your desktop screen (or in most cases in SA, a tiny laptop that you are hunched over) seems a tad on the small side to effectively manage the workload. You’re now  reminded of your techie friends juggling software applications on multi screen displays. You always thought it a bit nerdy but you start to realize they were onto something and come to think of it, they were super productive!
Multiple screens have long been the domain of trading desk environments, however, Dual Screen Displays are fast becoming standard issue for todayʼs office bound knowledge worker. Why you ask? Quite simple really…..a notable productivity increase.
A plethora of Apps are fast becoming available for just about every office task. As result, itʼs very rare that youʼll have one software application open at one time. Add a second display to the setup and you instantly start to reduce clicking between the your Email, Skype, Twitter, Adobe Reader, Word, Excel and Power Point Apps. Multiple applications now sit alongside each other in full view – you effortlessly continue touching up that centre page spread and copying and pasting between apps becomes a synch!


As early as the nineties, numerous studies have been carried out which have attempted to calculate the change in productivity using multi screen displays. In some cases productivity increased by up to 50% and in 2005 The Pfeiffer Report (testing the impact of large monitors/multiple monitors) found that increased productivity resulted in a 600% ROI of several thousand dollars per user.

These studies are among many but if itʼs first hand feedback your after, try removing the second display from a friend or colleague who is fortunate enough to be sitting behind a multi screen display. Lets just say I warned you! You guessed it, heʼs gonna go down fighting.

So youʼve gone through the right channels and budgetʼs are approved, your in the market for a second screen but you realise that there are some downsides. The loss of our much coveted desk space and from an ergonomic point of view fixed screen positions in the back of our desks results in poor posture. Look no further than Humanscaleʼs M8 dual screen monitor arm. Itʼs been hiding in the wings but itʼs the answer youʼve been looking for. A flexible, dynamic arm that clears your deskspace and allows you to effortlessly move both screens in midair across your desk. Manufactured from recycled aluminium and boasting a sexy polished finish those friend requests are gonna come in thick and fast.

Multiple screen setup are no longer the domain of trading desks or geeky IT folk – they are fast becoming standard issue for any company that is serious about increasing the productivity of their knowledge workers.
Oh, and if you’re wondering “What do I do with my iPad or Laptop?” – well this sneak peak video of Humanscale’s new Mflex should answer your question. More on Mflex coming soon!

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