In Southern Africa, Formfunc Studio is the exclusive distributor of the global ergonomics brand Humanscale. Since the launch of the Freedom chair in 1998 they have continued to develop international award winning products that are changing the way people around the world perceive comfort in front of their workstation.

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Ergonomic Tools

In addition to various monitor arm solutions we also provide CPU holders, Laptop stands, keyboard supports and an access rail system. All these items developed by Humanscale enhance ergonomic support for the user, creating a simpler and healthier place to work.

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Sit/Stand desks

Recent research suggests that movement is vital to health. As the pioneer of a healthier, more active workplace, Humanscale has designed innovative sit/stand solutions that encourage users to alternate postures. Both the Float desk and QuickStand Eco allow users to adopt a healthy and balanced level of activity as they work.

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Formfunc is the Southern Africa dealer-partner for Humanscale.

A leader in workstation optimization, ergonomic furniture design and manufacture.

Through our partnership, we provide sustainable and ergonomic furniture solutions to the residential, hospitality and office sectors through its provision of monitor arms, ergonomic office chairs and other ergonomic tools.

We strive to provide comfort in any workspace by correctly assessing our clients needs and providing a series of ergonomic tools that aim to customize the individual user’s workstation. This in turn results in better health, productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Since August 2009 we have embarked on an awareness campaign for a brand whose design philosophy mimics our own, and whose products we sincerely believe in.

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